“How It’s Built…..Matters”

The primary business purpose of nuDream Homes Inc. is to build custom homes in Park County. The majority are second homes, and many of our customers are from out of state. We also build garages, additions, decks and complete basement finishes.

The county requires all dwelling building plans to be stamped by a Colorado state Engineer or Architect, at the specific address of the project to ensure the home design meets the snow loads, wind loads and the more extreme building conditions of building in the mountains. This typically means each home plan is unique and tailored to the specific design, living and lifestyle needs of the client, and of course budget.

Mountain building will typically be more costly and take longer than building in other areas of the country, so it’s important to have the right information and correct expectations when embarking on a project at 10,000+ feet altitude. nuDream Homes works hard to detail out all the steps and costs up front so decisions can be made based on facts and minimize costly changes along the way.
We work closely with our Customers to make sure the build & permitting process and costs are known prior to starting the project and there are no surprises.

Some of our Custom Homes