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A brief statement on latest COVID news in the community and how it’s impacting the Construction Supply Chain- Customers, Suppliers, Sub Contractors, Support Services and the nuDream Team.

Like many (most) states in the USA, Colorado is seeing an increase in COVID cases, and Park County is following this general trend. Being a mostly rural county with a lower population density, the case count in Park County is relatively low, but effects of the virus is increasingly being felt in the community. This will likely impact some of our build projects.

Unfortunately, at this time there are no signs of things improving.
It certainly did not all go away Nov 4th.
So we are all in this together.

Some of our customers have tested positive, and many of our suppliers and their workforce have been challenged with the same, meaning lead times and deliveries have been moving in the wrong direction. Some items are now hard to get. Pricing of Lumber is also still high, after a peak in the summer, but is coming down.
Recently there has been an outbreak in the Fairplay school system, meaning some of our team and local Sub Contractors are now quarantining, waiting for results or at the very least concerned.

We will continue to update our Customers and nuDream Team on latest developments, and work closely with our Suppliers and Sub Contractors to best organize materials, pieces and parts to jobs and maintain progress to schedule. So far, by CO state rules. we can continue to operate the business, albeit now a significant challenge.

The management and team at nuDream Homes wish the entire community the very best in this difficult time.

Like us, we strongly advocate following CDC, State, Local and Health Authority guidelines and practice good old common sense.

Thank you.
nuDream Homes Inc.