Hello all.
We were hoping for a happier April edition Flume – People’s Choice 2020 announcement …….. but clearly EVERYTHING is eclipsed by:

What a difference 2 months make. 😢
So 1st, we want to thank all first responders & last responders, for their tireless efforts, all the people out there in private and government organizations and support and service industries, grocery stores, supply chains, banks, restaurant take outs, and all those that are helping all of us live responsibly, at home, whist also supporting essential operations during these (fast upon us) difficult & different times.

Especially we thank you, doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who are on the front lines fighting and researching this pandemic. You are heroes daily anyway, but you deserve an extra dose of appreciation as we battle this new enemy.

Thank you to all those who voted us Best Builder – Peoples Choice2020.
And thank you to all of you that helped make it happen.
Very much appreciate it.

“It Takes a Village”to build a fine home in the mountains…and this is our Village. 👏👏👏