Doing rounds and checking projects today…..

Lots of snow. Wind drifting it over roads that were recently plowed. Almost didn’t make it up this one Ind. Mtn. in pic. 4wd / good tires essential. Lots of snow in the trees. Local ‘Nextdoors’ have a lot of weather chatter.
Be safe out there and carry safety kits…..and lobby for cell towers. 📡

As a builder……the conditions so far this end of year have resulted in things many expected to get done ….
not getting done👎
…. especially with late in the year site developments.

But if access is possible, we are maintaining progress.
Shout out to the guys working in these temps. 👏👏👏
Nothing’s easy……when you can’t feel your fingers.

And shout out to all the plow guys out there. Thank you ❄️👍❄️
Highways, towns and rural roads and all the independents keeping our homes and build sites open. The plow guys are keeping us going right now 👍⛄️

Happy Holidays