Security Systems

Many customers want to know their second / vacation home is safe and secure. After all it is an appreciating asset, and significant investment, and needs to be looked after.

nuDream Homes Inc. offers various services so you can rest assured the home is well protected. nuDream Services can install and monitor security systems and provide local support should an alarm go off. This can be a freeze alarm, water alarm as well as security home integrity warnings. This is a 24/7 service.

Using the internet, there are monitoring systems that provide you visual and informational data that you can utilize anywhere you can get on-line.  Cameras can be set inside and out. These cameras transmit surveillance video to your Computer or your T.V,

Security Systems

nuDream Services will provide regular on-site visits under our Home Care Program.

You will receive a phone call and email with updates on your property condition and suggestions for anything that we notice should be taken care of.

We call it Protecting Your Investment.

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