Permit Support Process

Like most counties in Colorado, the Park County Building Department has a rigid set of codes and rules, designed to protect the home owner [and contractor], and ensure a structure is erected, and be able to meet the more extreme conditions found in the mountains. For example the structire must be able to withstand wind gusts of 120 mph, and depending where the property is located, up to 100lbs snow load. The building must also conform to the environmental health and safety requirements for egress and fire mitigation and pass all inspections.

Park County Building & Zoning Office

Park County new builds must now conform to Building Code IRC 2006.

New plans must be drawn up with reference to this new code and then submitted for review to the Building Department. The aforementioned information [from planning and zoning and environmental health] must be obtained before this stage. The plan review process may take 2-3 weeks depending on the backlog. It is critical that the plans are clear and legible and conform to the code and Park County requirements. Unclear or inaccurate plans will inevitably hold up the review and delay your project.

There is a fee to the various Building Departments at the time of permit application and plan submission.

Sequence of Events – Inspections

The Park County and State Inspectors [state marked ST] will check the work on the following:

  • Footing [the forms are to be in place of proper dimension and depth, and sufficiently secured to resist the weight of the concrete]
  • Interior Structural Pads [size of pads, steel reinforcements, proper depth and pad placement]
  • Foundation Wall [insuring required steel schedule and bolts meet park county code]
  • Below Slab [verify that the below slab plumbing has the correct grade and has been inspected for being leak tight] ST

These are an example of the inspections required for some of the Concrete work. Similar inspections are required throughout the build process.

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