Sub Contractors, Trades and Valued Businesses

nuDream Homes Inc. has spent much time to assemble a trusted, reliable, competitive “team” of local sub contractors, experts, trades people, and valued businesses, working together for quality products & process, value pricing and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction.

The close team approach is the best approach for building and project management, and we all rely on each other, and help support each other, in striving to provide the best service for the best price and delivering the best value. Whether as a Integrated Team under nuDream Homes Inc., or individually providing focused expertise.

The following are a list of local construction and related businesses nuDream Homes Inc would recommend. This is based on our dealing with the company, the ease of doing business, their expertise, and the reliability and quality of the end product.

Of course we would like your business, but if it’s something that makes sense to go direct. Please feel free to contact any of the following numbers.

All we ask is you tell them that we referred you.

Excavation –

Cals Trucking and Excavating, Ken Davis
719-395-5313 –

MountainScape Construction, Andy Lombard

Environmental Engineering

Jazco, Inc., Janice Easley
719-836-7133 –


Freelance Foundations, Al Stoinski
719-836-0230 –

Benzie Flatwork, Chris Benzie

Wells/Well Pumps

Asap Drilling/Whitewater Systems, Shawn Shake


Freshwater Plumbing, Chris Batts
719-371-4467 –

Septic Services & Drain Cleaning

Agent Drain Inc., Shad Bruno
970-406-1814  –


South Park Electric, Mark Gabbart
719-839-1733 –

Heating/Air (HVAC)

BRG Services Inc., Brad Garritson
303-838-6233 ext11


R&R Roofing, Dennis
303-838-8126 –


Bailey Propane

Windows and Doors

Bear Country Glass, Bert Newman

Log Furniture

Organsky Woodworks, Alex Organsky
719-836-1646 –

Office Services

The Business Connection ,Nancy
719-836-1919 –

Real Estate

Jefferson Real Estate, Clay Copeland
719-836-2615  –