Quite a dramatic picture. Imagine coming home to this !!!.

Many of our customers are second home owners, and many live in Denver or even out of state.The winters are long and sometimes harsh with temperatures that can dip to -35 degrees or below. It is essential that proper preparation is taken PRIOR to a potential freeze. Well before the snow fly’s, an assessment should be completed with ‘RISK AREAS’ and specific customer preferences. Each home will have differences on how it shuts down and starts up.

nuDream Services can provide a hard winterization where the home is shut down completely, propane off, or a soft winterization where freeze mitigation is performed but house and water heat is set to vacation setting for more regular customer or guest visits during the winter months.

We also offer a Home Care package where we will prepare the home for your visits and shut down the home after you leave, so you can relax knowing the home will be ready, hot water and heat already on, and leave with peace of mind.

Home Care Program

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