Communication Matters

nuDream Homes Inc. is proficient with the latest electronic and wireless communications methods, and the internet.  Email and text applications can speed decision making and can be especially useful if the customer is out of state or far from the property.  Regular phone and fax updates are also provided.

Additional communication services are available, including  Home Care Visits, Security and Surveillance. These services are  available via the nuDream Services business.

For those with the internet, we routinely e-mail, send and receive digital pictures, pdf’s, invoices, project plans and other files for better, faster decision making and to enhance the customer experience during the build process. We also have many customers who don’t own a “Confuser”.

nuDream Homes Inc. will tirelessly communicate with the Customer and across the entire supply chain to make sure we are ALL on the same page.

This is a communication Mantra we go by:

Good News is No News

  • Point is, you don’t want someone telling you..It’s all is good, nothing to worry about, just send me a check….

No News is Bad News

  • Or, you don’t get a phone call, or an email for weeks…

Bad News is Good News

  • Let’s get the issues out, immediately as they occur, make a decision and move on. By far the best way.

This way…it never really gets to BAD NEWS