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Theres a new and increasing communications phenomena in Park County. Not a positive one for those in business up here, but could be a breath of fresh air for some. It’s all relative.

Many of us have been struggling for years with poor cellular communications….why ??….well mainly due to county population density. The ‘providers’ have not invested in cell towers to adequately cover the large area of South Park. Just not enough paying customers $. So it’s either weak, poor or non existent coverage.🙃📡📡📡🙃

But the summer and holidays bring extra capacity challenges with many many more visitors, and the growing pass through traffic on Hwy 285, (+2 kids on phones in the back seat), all snagging onto any available cell services while here, leaving fewer capacity for everyone.
So cellular communications definitely become
degraded. It’s noticeable.

Service is not the same as in the city or towns. Expectations are often frustrated……..especially for the 2 kids on the back seat !!🙄…”are we there yet!”

Having given up a long time ago on voice communications, it used to be that local contractors knew the various “hot spots” that we could send and receive texts, or an email, order materials, check in with subs or customers….. but alas, seems like that’s getting less and less possible. In the summer months, and especially weekends, we can drive 50-100 miles without a signal. And very often we can be in an area without the ability to communicate at all. 😳

It’s just a symptom of more people and more growth without the corresponding communications infrastructure, and so if you don’t get an immediate response, or a signal, that’s likely why……..

If your looking for technology peace ✌🏽however…… you probably will have it. 😬

Setting expectations.🤗