Update on Road Conditions 3/7/19

Seems that much of news these days is centered around the weather.
Record snow falls, road closures, avalanche risk, blowing and drifting snow….leading to more road closures.

Another storm happening right now.

Good news for 2019 regarding:
Reservoirs and Wells💧

Travel, Material Delivery’s, Site Access and Build Progress…not so much.👎

It’s a bit of a mess up here right now.

Park Co Road and Bridge very busy with the primary road systems, but secondary roads not being plowed. Numerous driveways remain impassable.
Propane company’s struggling to deliver propane, plumbers busy with freeze ups and emergency leaks and burst pipes. The entire construction supply chain is on a day to day “what’s possible today” planning basis as numerous projects effected.

Many of our nuDream projects are currently not accessible so build progress not being made.

March and April typically the snowiest months, so we will see what the next 60 days bring.

We are working to open our sites but rely on road a bridge to plow the access road systems. They will get to them, but we don’t have intel on when. The primaries need to be kept open 1st, then secondary roads. Then we can get to the driveways.

“How it’s Built….Matters”
“When it’s Built….⁉️❄️💨⁉️